XMRCGPU – Monero CPU+GPU miner

Since Monero & Aeon are probably only really profitable CPU + GPU mining Altcoins, I’ve decided to make my own miner software to cover both.

Main problem of existing mining software for Monero is they require user to setup CPU or GPU parameters.

People usually tries to get max out of their HW but they don’t exactly know what they are doing with the miner settings.

This often leads to harming of their graphic cards and processors, or atleast their coolers.

So I’ve decided to add self-benchmarking feature. After first run, XMRCGPU will create config files to almost max out the performance while not harming your computer and still leaving enough CPU power to use the PC for basic use like browsing the web.

XMRCGPU is now available as BETA version. Works fine and doesn’t crash. But it’s only available as 64-bit version (compiled 32-bit version has memory leaks, I’m working on the issues)

Download the latest XMRCGPU here:

(Software is marked as Riskware because it’s MINER and it’s sometimes used by Botnet operators to mine silently on victims computers)

Zipped 64-bit installer

Executable 64-bit installer

Thank you very much for testing. If you encounter any issues (I don’t have every single CPU and GPU to test it properly), please report them in comment section. I will be very grateful.

If you want to support my development, you can donate few $ worth of BTC,LTC, ETH . Thank you very much.